Q: What software are you using to create your pattern?

A: We make 2D objects that become 3D when inflated. Any software that produces vector line art will work (Adobe Illustrator,Inkscape). If using 3D modeling programs —such as Solidworks, Pro/Engineer, Inventor, Siemans NX, etc— a flat pattern will need to be created in the software and place in the drawing, then export that as a dxf file.There are several other options as well depending on the software used.

Q: I am making a Prototype and would like to submit a confidentiality agreement before submitting my design. What is the procedure for this?

A: Please fill out all contact information in the request a quote form, and upload necessary documents using the file upload. The confidentiality agreement maybe uploaded in place of your design; however, please include complete contact details and any additional information that you can regarding the scope of the project.

Q: What is the maximum dimensions for designs submitted?

A: We can produce pieces up to 1 meter x 1.5 meters or roughly 39 inches x 59 inches and we plan on making things that are even bigger. If your design requires multiple pieces, you will need to submit several files for each piece.

Q: Do you have a return policy?

A: We are dedicated to making sure you are a happy customer. We review each pattern prior to production and work with each customer to make sure that the flat pattern will turn into the product that they expected. If you are not satisfied with the quality of an object, we will provide a refund once the object is returned.

We can also perform ‘proof’ printing on cheap material and send that to the customer prior to production to make sure that the design works as desired.

Q: Is a deposit required?

A: We require a deposit to cover the cost of materials in the event that the materials a customer wants us to use are extremely expensive.
Q: Do you assist in design?

A: We can assist with the design on a case-by-case basis and for an agreed upon fee. The cost for design assistance is separate for the cost of materials and production.

Q: Do you leak check the design before shipping?

A: We can leak check as desired. A fee may apply.

Q: Do you provide fill ports and valves?

A: We can provide valves as necessary. Since there are many types of applications and just as many materials and ways to fill up your design, we do not stock every kind of valve that be used to inflate a design. We will work with a customer to procure and incorporate fill ports and valves into your design.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: We accept PayPal for electronic payment. We will also add other forms of payment in time.

Q: What kind of materials can I use in my design?

A: Any kind of thermoplastic can be sealed into your design. We also seal fabrics that have been coated with thermoplastic. Typical thermoplastics that we use include polyethylene, polyurethane, PVC and PEVA.