Expandable Structures – Direct Digital Sealing, Custom Heat Sealing

There are several different methods of Direct Digital Manufacturing that are coming to market. 3D printing is the most popular method of Direct Digital Manufacturing, there is also Laser Engraving, Vinyl Cutting Machines for T-Shirts and other methods. Expandable Structures is developing other new ways to make things. Our first innovation is Direct Digital Sealing, which is a method of creating a custom heat sealed item directly from a 2D pattern or artwork.

If you want a custom heat sealed part, we can turn your custom 2d pattern file into something tangible that can be filled with air, water, foam or whatever you choose.  We only require a minimum order of one, so you can prototype and evolve your design without having to order thousands or parts. We can turn orders around quickly because we don’t use fixed tooling. You will also find us to be far more affordable than the traditional process used to perform custom heat sealing.

If you’ve got a design, you can submit your file, choose a material, we’ll begin production, and it send you a prototype to begin testing in a matter of days.  We can make stuff up to 1 meter x 1.5 meters or roughly 39 inches x 59 inches and we plan on making machines that are even bigger. Let’s get started and begin making some cool stuff.


Step 1




You create a custom design using a vector program, choose your material, and submit your two dimensional design to us.


Step 2




We review your design and talk specifics before putting your vectors into production. Your finished product is sent to you.


Step 3




You choose your materials (water, air, foam) to inflate your product or prototype for final use, to sell or to test.